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Newline after "See Also" field in bugzillapreview
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@Nemo_bis says in T848: Empty fields shouldn't be pasted as "none", "unspecified" or "unknown":

why the newline before last "none"?

This is a small problem now present in every task in bugzillapreview, i.e.

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Still valid in 2nd edition of bugzillapreview, e.g. seen on (though I don't really care whether we fix this or not).

so the old case was

See Also:

If none there is nothing present.


See Also:


See Also:

in the case of multiple url's not doing a newline is ugly, so I don't know if this issue as first reported is valid or not

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So this looks indeed good:

See Also with one URL:

See Also with many URLs: