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Make it possible to edit sections after you've marked the page for translation
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start with a page that contains ==Sections==
  2. Mark it up for translation properly, i.e., in a way that minimizes the amount of hassle the translators will have with wikitext. This means that you are marking all the section headings like this: == <translate> Sections </translate> ==
  3. Mark the page for translation. This will change == <translate> Sections </translate> == into this:

    == <translate><!--T:1-->

</translate> ==

  1. Click the 'Edit source' link next to any of the section headings that were individually tagged for translation.
  2. Read the error message.

By splitting the content into three lines, the section heading is non-existent as far as the edit section button is concerned. It's possible that not screwing with the formatting so much, i.e., putting == <translate> <!--T:1--> Sections </translate> == all on one line, would be a sufficient solution.

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Could we get an update on fixing this problem? Translation is a regular part of my work in terms of preparing consultations that extend to an international audience. After doing some testing myself, putting everything on one line doesn't appear to prevent the edit section links to stop working properly. They either produce errors in the form of "this section doesn't exist," or it attempts to edit another (usually subsequent) section altogether.

This also is a much bigger problem if translation is needed on a discussion page, where we have placed questions for participants to answer in public. If people can't edit sections associated with particular questions due to this bug, they don't participate because it is too frustrating.

Nikerabbit subscribed.

== <translate>Foo</translate> == is not the recommended way precisely because it breaks section editing. See

The wikitext for headers should be included also because 1) it automatically provides context information for translators 2) can be rendered as heading in page mode of Special:Translate.