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Toolserver redirect configuration broken after domain move
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After the move I noticed that stopped redirecting traffic to . I checked my backup and the old homedir did contain an .htaccess file. Another MMP (multi maintainer project) (~locator) also stopped redirecting. Maybe the dump Marc got didn't include the MMP's? Please find out what is missing and correct this.

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It's indeed a little worrying that both of the missing redirect do come from MMPs. I've added the redirect from /~erfgoed/

Where was /~locator/ supposed to redirect to?

Rather simpel, to

Coren: is also broken (was also an MMP), but that's not really a huge issue. It was a redirect to (which then redirects to the current project page on nlwiki)

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@coren: Can we put the redirects on a git repo somewhere? The web redirects shouldn't be private info, I think.

This is a rather severe bug. Does WMF have copies of the user/project .htaccess files?

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The two URLs mentioned in this task now redirect properly, and putting the configuration into a Git repository is covered by T85165. I assume the column change to "Waiting for information" was accidental.

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This is not resolved, just stalled.

If you are keen on not saying much, you don't have to say anything. The information that you think "this is not resolved, just stalled" is already conveyed by Phabricator:

This has been resolved for quite some time but, like its sub task, forgotten in open state.