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Echo not notifying users in ns103 in cawiki
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We spotted a possible bug in . Echo seems not to be notifiying other users on a ping.

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According to "this feature only works for posts inside a section of a talk page other than yours, or in the Project: namespace (e.g., 'Wikipedia:')"
So possibly there's a namespace restriction in the code, somewhere, that needs to be expanded?

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@Gerardduenas -- Are any of the users mentioned there getting pinged? Is it just this page, or anything in this namespace? Thanks for your report.

I don't know. I'll check if someone is actually receiving the pings and if it's only this page. Thanks for your help

@Quiddity: I don't think there is a restriction in the code. I think that the mention feature in echo works for any talk page and ns103 is a talk namespace. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I was wondering if the person who is actually making the mention is a bot, does this change something?

Qgil added a comment.Jan 8 2015, 2:53 PM

I just made a human ping for testing.

Gerardduenas added a comment.EditedJan 9 2015, 3:09 PM

Here we have some data to start working with:

  • I didn't recive Qgil's human ping (see above)
  • Three out of the 6 pinged (in a page in ns103 but different form the one where we spotted the bug) have not received the ping, the other 3 have not answered yet.
  • One person did receive a ping from this namespace the 8th of december 2014.

With this info we know for sure that pings in any page of ns103 of cawiki don't notify the person. It doesn't matter if the "pingger" is a bot or a human. This feature worked the 8/12/2014.

Can I help with something?

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Now it works