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User access roles are public
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TARGETS: The following pages:

DESCRIPTION: The target links allow unauthenticated users to look up privileges associated with roles,
and the role associated with any existing user. The roles, such as `administrator'' or `steward'', disclose
the list of operations a specific user has permission to perform. An attacker can use this information
to enumerate users with higher privileges and create targeted attacks against them.

SHORT TERM SOLUTION: Do not show the user roles in the list of users to unauthenticated users while
displaying the list of users. Restrict the Global Account information to the privileged users only.

LONG TERM SOLUTION: Make a chart of what parts of user accounts are considered private or pro-
tected, and go through each way of accessing user data and make sure it conforms to specifications.
Perform regression checks to verify that there is no information disclosure which can be useful to the

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I recommend WONTFIX here. This sort of openness is one of the things we stand for, and that is expected of us by our users.

Also, they missed links such as

Agreed. Identities of stewards and other privileged users is generally public information anyway (especially in the case of positions like stewards, who are community-elected). Thus hiding the user-group association would accomplish nothing.

As for the group-permission association, hiding that will also accomplish nothing as well. Jobs like being a sysop have public documentation on how they should be carrying out their job, and therein such documentation is what general permissions they have.

tl;dr - WONTFIX

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Agree with both other comments. I think this is an acceptable risk

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