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Location template disregarded in collapsed mobile sections
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Location template is shown in file descriptions although it should be hidden in the collapsed section "summary".
See screenshot

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{{Location}} is a separate template that inserts a box below the {{Information}} template. We use a border-collapse trick to make it look like the location row is part of the information table. Obviously this template is not parsed and added to the collapsible table that is generated from the information template contents.

Is there something we could do to improve the location template? Or does this need a severside change to process it along with the information template?

I'd think that assigning the appropriate classes to the rows should make then get picked up by the mobile site code automatically...

KLans_WMF set Security to None.

In order for the location template to be under the summary heading it should reside in the same div as the previous table (Information template). Right now we (MF) just take the heading and make the next div collapsible. We ignore anything after it until the next heading.

This is outside the scope for Community Tech, I think it's more appropriate for Mobile.

I talked to Jon; he thinks it's a task for Community Engagement.

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