Experimental: "parselet" minimal PHP implementation of Parsoid for VE
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There's a lot of demand for VisualEditor on third-party MediaWiki instances but the Parsoid dependency is a potential roadblock for site admins.

If total source compatibility with Wikipedia articles/templates is not required, perhaps we could get away with a PHP implementation of the HTML<->wikitext conversion that's a lot simpler, and wouldn't require the external node-based daemon. This could ship as a class that comes in the VisualEditor extension, if that makes sense, or a library, or ..... who knows. Anyway, worth trying out briefly.

Alternative is to say "folks wanting this should use HTML content model", in which case VE also needs to support that...

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Oh, my eyes. Can we come up with a less-insane name? :-)

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How's "Parselet"? :)

I don't actually care, but "Parselet" is cute. :-)

@brion, afaik @tstarling already tried to port the serializer.

@GWicke -- I actually don't want to make a port, but a simplified markup that would explicitly break some source compat. (If that ends up being too weird then I'll aim for the HTML content-model case and see what that'll take. Opened task T88353 for that, since it'd still need some tweaks.)

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Dropping this old experimental idea task (though we're now more seriously talking about a PHP version of Parsoid for the future, which will be on separate tasks).