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[Ipad & Mobile] Lapel Pin page description overlaps footer
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  • Lapel pin description goes past footer
  • Add to Cart button is at the bottom of the page
  • Blue background stretches out where it usually is not visible


2015-02-04_13.13.05.jpg (1×768 px, 159 KB)

2015-02-04_13.17.56.jpg (1×768 px, 147 KB)


2015-02-04_13.19.53.png (1×640 px, 121 KB)

2015-02-04_13.20.18.png (1×640 px, 125 KB)

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There seems to be a height limit on


height: 500px;


Not sure why. @Prtksxna If I remove the height:500px everything works fine. is there a
reason this property is given?

@Nirzar, I can't remember. Submit a pull request and I'll test if anything breaks.