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Import Cassandra packages for Jessie
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The production Cassandra cluster will run Jessie from the start. Currently there aren't any Cassandra packages in our Jessie repo (at least in labs), so we need to import Cassandra. We are generally using the Apache packages:

We have been testing with both 2.0 and 2.1 so far. 2.1.2 actually looks fairly stable. It also has some good improvements. The most relevant for us are probably the ability to tune the number of entries to cache in memory per partition for cacheable workloads (read: only keep latest revision of title in memory), incremental repair & off-heap memtables.

I think it's worth starting with 2.1 even if it means that we'll take a small risk of running into some unforeseen issue.

See also: full changelog.

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The link is currently down. I'll try to remember to revisit this, but y'all should bug me on IRC any time the site is up and I will do this.

Andrew triaged this task as Medium priority.

jessie-wikimedia|thirdparty|i386: cassandra 2.1.2
jessie-wikimedia|thirdparty|i386: cassandra-tools 2.1.2

Please confirm that this works, or let me know if you need other packages.

Verified working in labs. Thank you, @Andrew!

I fixed this in a better way: adjusting our reprepro config to point to 2.1 (and also install to jessie). This means that a simple "reprepro update" should just get us the latest and greatest and also means that we get crypto verification of upstream for free.