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RESTbase deployment
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Goal: Deploy on production hardware as soon as that's ready. Then, tackle T89481.

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Hi Gabriel -- do you have a target date for this? 2/15 is Sunday; can we discuss a better day?



@Tnegrin, we are mostly at the mercy of ops on this (T76986 and T78194). The hardware should be arriving around now, just pinged @RobH about the current status on T76986. The exact date is really ASAP.

Some notes from the Services-Ops meeting available on this etherpad

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GWicke updated the task description. (Show Details)

We received access to the cluster today, and got three nodes up and running. One node is out of rotation to investigate a hardware issue with one of the SSDs (T89639), and two others are waiting for memcached servers to move around, so that they can be placed in the correct row for failure isolation.

Early benchmarks are looking promising. A simple static end point without db access yields about 30k req/s, while an average HTML page ( can be served gzipped about 7k times/s before the client saturates its gbit network.

Since none of the remaining issues are blocking the deploy and testing any more, I'm resolving this ticket & move those issues over to the prod release. ETA for that is next week.