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[EPIC] Use Parsoid HTML for all page views
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In the mid to end 2021 timeframe, the Parsing Team is aiming to start migrating read views for Wikimedia wikis from the core parser to Parsoid. is the wiki page for this project.

This is a tracking task for getting this done. Subtasks track the specific work for getting this done.



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With so many blocking/blocked tasks, no specific Summit plans specified in the description, and no assignee, it is difficult to evaluate whether this Summit proposal is On Track with ongoing discussion. Can someone step in as driver of the discussion and confirm the interest in getting a slot in the Summit schedule, please?

@Qgil, the reason is that this requires a wide cross-org consensus (and later work), so I'd say the ArchCom should drive this one.

@mobrovac: if you really think this should happen, you should drive it rather than delegate it to TechCom. @GWicke might volunteer to take this on, but I'm not going to speak for him.

Today is November 6, and this proposal is basically not on track. Unless the situation suddenly changes and/or @RobLa-WMF and the Architecture Committee really want to schedule it, it will be removed as a Wikimedia-Developer-Summit-2016 proposal.

Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016 ended two weeks ago. This task is still open. If the session in this task took place, please make sure 1) that the session Etherpad notes are linked from this task, 2) that followup tasks for any actions identified have been created and linked from this task, 3) to change the status of this task to "resolved". If this session did not take place, change the task status to "declined". If this task itself has become a well-defined action which is not finished yet, drag and drop this task into the "Work continues after Summit" column on the project workboard. Thank you for your help!

flame_qi moved this task from Blocked / others to Future on the RESTBase board.

This ultra-epic is the perfect example of a task appropriately in the category of "general MediaWiki tasks".

cscott renamed this task from Use Parsoid HTML for all page views to EPIC] Use Parsoid HTML for all page views.May 13 2020, 9:32 PM
cscott renamed this task from EPIC] Use Parsoid HTML for all page views to [EPIC] Use Parsoid HTML for all page views.