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Flow: Parsoid HTML for videos doesn't work
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This is partly the same as bug 61786 (the image HTML generated by Parsoid is different from PHP parser output), but there are additional problems for video links.

For both [[File:Sequence-Test.ogv]] and [[ File:Sequence-Test.ogv|thumb]] in a Flow post, the links to the video are an invalid <a href="./File:Sequence-Test.ogv">. The HTML doesn't include a <video> tag, just an <img> tag. The full-size video uses the original .ogv file as the src of the nested image tag, which obviously doesn't work, while the thumb video correctly uses the Sequence-Test.ogv.jpg thumbnail.

Furthermore, the resulting HTML doesn't seem to trigger the MwEmbedSupport/TimedMediaHandler RL modules that add player controls and such to the video. Maybe those look for <div class="mediaContainer"> or the <video> tag.

O VisualEditor team, do you have CSS and JS that make Parsoid video HTML work? :)

fresh examples of webm video failing to render at fullsize, and ogg audio failing to display its player: (Does this bug/issue also cover audio files? I'm not sure whether to rename, or fork.)

The "thumb" works ok

Not really. A thumbnail is created, but clicking it doesn't play the video, it leads to the File page.

Reported at w:ca.Tema:T3edcbkgt2ns31ff.