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this is to close or resolve open RT ticket #8496 (

On Tue Sep 30 23:49:41 2014 Daniel Zahn is available for pre-registering and they say .lol is "coming in 2014"

since this sounds like a, quote "troll magnet" and we could expect ED to grab it or something, we might wanna just trademark-block it

any interest? trademark block?

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Domains like,,… are available for public purchase, for as low as $4.14/3.45€ (I'm looking at current Gandi prices)

Really, decisions like to buy or not to buy a domain can't be waiting for one year… Cybersquatters take those in hours.

We now have registered. SRE, can you configure the domain to redirect to

We will add the other projects to our list to monitor or block where there is a cost effective option.


I added the domain to our DNS servers, but "parked" without actual traffic or a redirect due to SSL certs and the same reasons that Brandon commented on the other ticket for

Are we calling it resolved for now like this?

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We now have registered.


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Unless...we think it's worth the price to buy
SSL certs for a redirect to

does wmf support ?
couldn't be a good starting point (vm in labs?) to test free certificates and
then redirect to

@Mschon we want to in the future but we are not there yet for production. (for which one of the issues is that with letsencrypt you can't have SANs and add multiple domains in one cert). The first use would be T50501 for the beta cluster though.

does wmf support ?

Times have changed. The answer is now Yes.

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The domain is registered to WMF and parked in DNS. There is no need for a redirect at this time as it is new and highly unlikely to be accidentally used by anyone and them not knowing where to look instead. Although once T133548 is resolved, it would be trivial to make it redirect in a secure manner. For now I'm closing this ticket since I assume after T133548 we'll simply audit the parked domains we have without needing a ticket for each one.