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bond eth interfaces on ms1001
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ms1001 has two ethernet interfaces; they should be aggregated, see e,g, the labstore 1,2 stanza in site.pp for an example. bond0 is a fine name for the bonded interface.

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@BBlack, I'm not entirely sure of what's involved here. I see you've worked on the interface module before. Could you help with this? Or, who should I ask?

Well the puppet part we should be able to copy from existing usage of interface::aggregate. The switch part I can figure out from looking at past examples in the current configs as well. Let's just pick a time when you can be on the console and we can sustain some network interruptions (is that possible?) to sort it out and get it working.

bblack, I am happy to be on this with you, watching/poking on the console. Let me know a good time (early morning for you or late evening for you overlaps with EET). Gotta remember to upate the ipv6 inteface setting in site.pp too.

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Brandon is already working on this alongside Ariel

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actually I'm working on it by myself :-) takin it back...

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Is this still needed? I don't see ms1001 exceeding the limits of a single 1GbE.

It is needed if we want it to share the downloads with dataset1001, which I do.

This task is obsolete, as ms1001 is heading for decommission, and labstore hosts will be picking up this role.