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Edit-tools in wikitext
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As an editor in wikitext, I can use the usual tools to assist me with formatting and special characters and templates, so that my experience matches the current system.

(Which combines the global
plus Enwiki's additional "Citation" widget )
(Special characters. This shows if the browser has javascript on. It has clickable text and drop-down menus for other sets.
For browsers without javascript, there's a plain text version, allowing them to copy and paste. (You'll need to view source, or view without javascript, to see it here: )

Trello card: OBvODd9B

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Note: It is now easily possible to remove the signature button from the wikitext toolbar, per T7645: Hide signature button from edit toolbar in main namespace.
(I plan to re-open this task, in a few weeks. But I have no time to do it properly (copying all the notes from the merged task), for now.)