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import_text puppet role in MediaWiki-Vagrant uses wrong server name
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When creating a new page with the import_text puppet role introduced in T88872 / c189180, {{fullurl}} will resolve to localhost instead of the expected<port>. (Purging or editing the page from the web interface fixes this.)

Per @bd808, this is probably caused by $wgServer = WebRequest::detectServer(); in settings.d/wikis/CommonSettings.php getting confused when executed from a maintenance script.

It would be nice to fix server detection, but if that's not feasible, we could just invalidate the cache from import_text by nulling out page_touched for the page.

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WebRequest::detectServer() uses $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], which does not exist in CLI mode. Generally, there is no way a CLI script could figure out the correct hostname or port. $_SERVER is populated from the shell environment in CLI mode though, so we just need to prefix the command with SERVER_NAME=... .

Change 193550 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gergő Tisza):
Fix host detection for CLI scripts

Change 193550 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix host detection for CLI scripts