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PXE doesn't work on mc2017-18
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both state "No PXE-capable device available" upon reboot. Maybe they don't have external 10gbe cards like the rest?

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these 2 servers are the same as 1017 and 1018 in eqiad. Try using the other port on the NIC card....for some reason they're set up backwards. Double check MAC.

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switched connection to other port on NIC complete.

on mc2017:

No PXE-capable device available.
Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for system setup.

Joe set Security to None.

mc2018 is at the stage where it needs validation. on mc2017 I was able to detect the External 10G Nic and try to boot from both ports with no response when to the message no operating system found. Same for mc2001. Please tray again mc2001 and mc2017 and let me. Thanks.

mc2018 gets to the pxe boot but never sends any dhcp packets to carbon, apparently. Are you sure it's properly connected?

Joe did add the NIC MAC for both severs in the dhcp files. Both servers made dhcp request. But I am still receiving PXE-E18: server response time out on both servers.

@RobH I guess these two need their VLANs configured as well?

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the ports were set to disabled and the vlan wasnt set. both are fixed now.

now on mc2017:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.

seems like the cable is disconnected/connected to the wrong port?

i switched port and cable same error message.

Reassigning to @RobH given I still can't install those two systems

mc2017 had the fiber plugged into port 2 of 2, not 1 of 2. (Different model sysetm than earlier mc systems, so different nic).

mc2017 has rebooted into the installer.

mc2018 is now also booting into the installer, resolving task.