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Meme button in Phabricator text area bar doesn't work
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There's a very stoic-looking face in the toolbar above any description or comment text area in Phabricator. It's labeled "Meme" and when I click this button, I receive an error message:

Access Denied: Application Restricted Application
You do not have permission to view this object.
Users with the "Can View" capability:
Administrators can take this action.

This software interaction seems pretty user-hostile. If the meme functionality is disabled/unavailable, we should either hide or disable the button in the toolbar. We should not offer a useless button and throw a scary warning message.

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Qgil renamed this task from Meme button in Phabricator text area bar doesn't work to Enable memes (Macro).Oct 26 2014, 6:33 AM
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The solution requires to decide whether we want to enable Macro so users can post memes, or not.

You can play with this feature in phab-01:

MZMcBride renamed this task from Enable memes (Macro) to Meme button in Phabricator text area bar doesn't work.Oct 26 2014, 1:47 PM

If memes aren't enabled, why do I see a memes button in the toolbar? That seems like the bug here.

I don't really want to make this task about enabling memes as I don't know what that means or why anyone would ever want/need such a feature in an issue tracker.

For the records, currently says that it's installed and its settings are

  • Can Use Application: Public
  • Can Configure Application: Administrators
  • Can Manage Macros: Administrators

how about an admin just enables it for a day or something so we can see what it would do. then we'd know better if we like to have it or not

People can just do that in

Who knows, maybe someone wants to port all the MediaWiki maintenance templates. ;) More seriously, maybe there is indeed a productive use for this feature. Maybe. And maybe the use of memes can be open while the submissions of new memes could be restricted / moderated in order to avoid an excess of silliness.

I fixed the root issue (button appearing if you don't have access to the application) in the upstream (see

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Thank you @epriestley! Resolving here now. We should sync with upstream in less than a month.