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Nova Instance creation hook for ldap
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For an instance to properly work it needs an ldap host record. Currently that's all created by OpenStackManager, so we need a proper nova hook to do it instead so that instances can be started via Horizon.

...or... we could move off ldap entirely. Details here:

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This is now happening. Designate-sink is running a custom plugin python-nova-ldap that creates ldap entries with new instances and deletes them when the instances are deleted.

It also cleans up puppet and salt certs of the form <hostname>.<project>.eqiad.wmflabs. Of course those certs don't exist at the moment, but they will.

Related patches:

Note that at the moment the ldap entries created are dummies, to prevent conflict with the live entries. After this process has proved itself a bit I'll switch things over and remove the ldap host creation code from OpenStackManager.

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