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Massive upload from Panoramio
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I'd like to get uploaded to Commons all the images with tag 'Madrid' by Richtea in Panoramio (see here: Images could be uploaded to a temporary category and I commit to further categorization. Some normalization on naming would be needed (as it uses a somehow weird classification system). The first comment in every image should be used as image description in Commons.

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What blocks you from doing this? :)

If you need this to be uploaded server side, please have a look at Please check that you only include images that can actually be used on commons and also make sure you don't end up uploading duplicates.

Hi guys, thank you for your comments but... what blocks me from doing this is pure lack of technical knowledge. I haven't seen any tool (such as flickr2commons) to massively upload files from panoramio. On the other hand, server-side uploads just says that the request must be done here... I'm confused :-(

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Can be solved on the individual wiki.