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Added § symbol to 'See more' in the Image Gallery
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Nexus 5 Android version 4.4.4 with 2.0-beta
In the article 'Spherical aberration', scroll down to the image with caption: 'A point source as imaged by...' and click on it.
The Image Gallery displays the image with a long description - there is a vertical scroll bar. Scroll to the end of the article's description - you'll see: §See more.

Note: iOS does not display 'Read more' section for the same image.

Screenshot_2015-03-23-15-23-22.png (1×1 px, 415 KB)

vs iOS
IMG_0059.PNG (2×1 px, 958 KB)

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Somehow related to reverted changes in T18691 ?

KLans_WMF set Security to None.

Re-checked it for 2.0.102-alpha-2015-06-09 on GT-P7510(tablet 4.0.4) - the issue is not present anymore.