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graphs for Cassandra metrics
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We need graphs setup for most/all of the Cassandra metrics we are collecting, (including those to be added by I know that as it stands now, you can build ad hoc plots in Graphite as needed, but having these predefined ahead of time lowers the barrier to getting at the data. It's also not going to be obvious to everyone from looking at the metric names/hierarchy, what these values mean. Having these readied ahead of time means that metrics can be grouped to graphs, and graphs to pages, in whatever way makes sense (CF statistics, caching, repair, etc), with contextually appropriate labels, aggregation, and scaling.

Depending on the tooling available, this is potentially a lot of work (we're talking about quite a few graphs).

One option is Graphite, but I'm unable to log in due to T93158, so I'm not sure how easy this would be there. Grafana would probably work, it's templating seems to be a good fit for this kind of thing (, but I have many problems doing even the simplest of things (adding graph panels, deleting dashboards, etc). It also seems to be wide-open to vandalism (T93710).

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I'm assuming you have graphite access now, in any case check out also and related puppet module if that suits

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Duplicate of T101764