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Structured Summary: gentle prompting for structured fields when editing in VE
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CONTEXT: adding structured metadata to articles is a complex issue. This feature is intended to provide a step beyond the minimal capability described in T94295 while still keeping control in the hands of editors by simply recommending typical fields for an entity and summarizing them in a fielded display either above VE or in a boxed area analogous to where manual entry infoboxes are displayed.

USER STORY: As an editor using VE to write an article about a well structured type of entity, such as a person, company, chemical, or event, I want to be prompted to enter standard attributes about that type of entity. Rather than remembering that I should generally indicate the nationality of a person, I would like the system to prompt me to enter nationality after I indicate that the article is about a person. For better or worse, the number of possible fields on entities can be quite large, so rather than display an explosion of every possible field, the visual presentation should keep the fields to a minimum and merely indicate that a template for this type of entity exists. The display should simply say that common fields for this type of entity are Nationality, Birthdate, and Title. If I want to dig deeper, then the structured summary should let me navigate fields defined in the template to find things that I want to enter.

DESIGN PRINCIPLE: the free form body text of the article is primary, so instead of pushing me to type into fields, I want to keep my cursor in the body article and create hyperlinks. When I create a hyperlink with a type, I want that type to automatically populate that field in the structured summary. Manually editing the structured summary should be possible for advanced users and should only allow addition of properties beyond what is expressed in the body, and not allow removal of properties expressed by strongly typed links in the body article.

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