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Flow: Ability to aggregate topics on more than one board based on some criteria
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Sorry if this has already been done; I tried searching and couldn't find anything.

If topics exist independently from their boards, which are just aggregators of topics, shouldn't it be possible to auto-generate boards that include topics based on some kind of criteria?

Ideas include:

  • Aggregating on the date the topic was created for a given board
  • Aggregating if that topic belongs to a certain category
  • "Meta-boards" that aggregate topics from multiple other boards
  • Combinations of these criteria

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This is a good idea, and it's the kind of thing that I'm looking forward to working on.

We've been thinking about this in terms of "feeds" and "tags". The simplest example is a personal feed that only has conversations that you're subscribed to.

There are a couple different things that tags could do.

You could tag by workflow or type of discussion -- for example, articles for deletion discussions -- and then people can see boards that aggregate those those discussion types.

You could also tag by category (the talk page of every article in Category:Ornamental trees) or by WikiProject.

We still have a couple more big, boring pieces to build before we get to the cool stuff like tags and feeds, but I can see them coming, just over the horizon...

If a user is mentioned it could be nice to get an entry on the users local board. Now I get an alert in the notification center, but if I close that the link is gone.

This is very close to turning a Flow-board into an information feed, aka T103083: Explore ideas for information feeds.