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Creating a link after scrolling moves text in VE edit window unpredictably
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  1. Edit a long article with VE, such as
  1. Scroll down a screenful, let's say so that the section header "Fossils" is visible at the top of the editing window.
  1. Double-click on a word near the top of the editing window, let's say the word "wings" in the first line of the "Fossils" section
  1. Hit Ctrl-K in order to create a link.

Result: Visual Editor will scroll the text spuriously, which is unnecessary and irritating.

I'm using Chrome 41 on Windows 7.

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I was able to confirm this in my Safari. Interestingly enough, it only does it the very first time.

TheDJ set Security to None.

If you close the first link inspector window, scroll down another screenful, and create a new link, the spurious scrolling will happen again. The effect is bigger if your new link is near the top of the edit window.

It's confirmed in Chrome/FF(Mac) production and 1.26wmf1 (rMW4a3d85da4e3c).

I also noticed that spurious scroll up during one of the User research sessions( in betalabs).

Yes, it happens only once in one place - trying to insert link for the same word multiple times will give scroll-up effect only once. But if you move to another section of the page, it happens again - that scrolling up moves the page so far up that the inserted link is not visible anymore.

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The issue is still reproducible in beta.

I cannot reproduce the issue anymore with the current version of VE installed on Wikipedia [0.1.0 (685e7ff) 12:17, 8 April 2015].

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