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Add link to moderation expectations draft on Moderation tool
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At top of moderation page:

Add following centered text for admin's only:

"Before hiding or un-hiding a list, please refer to the [beta protocol] for Gather Collections Moderation"

The beta protocol link is:

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Jon to provide mock and url.

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Change 203949 had a related patch set uploaded (by Robmoen):
Add moderation expectations to Special:GatherLists for admins

@rmoen @JKatzWMF is the text "... for Gather Collections Moderation" or "... for collections"
We shouldn't title case i18n messages and the screenshot and description are not consistent.

@Jdlrobson @JKatzWMF +1 changing to "Before hiding or un-hiding a list, please refer to the [[beta protocol]] for collections moderation."

Ping. To get this moving you just need to blank the message.
The patch to WikimediaMessages extension should be pretty trivial.

Change 203949 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add placeholder for admin moderation expectations to Special:GatherLists

All setup to add the namespaced message on moving this to ready for signoff. see