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Have Story Points field on the "Create New Task" modal
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Story points are awesome. Would it be possible to have them be able to be entered in the Create New Task modal? Presently, it seems one needs to create the card, then click the pencil icon, then set the story points. It would be neat to be able to do it in one pass instead of two.

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Also see T78361. This is not an upstream issue as custom fields are up to our own configuration (plus at least picking up story points and showing them on boards is done by the custom Sprint extension).

If this is a request to always and ever have Story Points displayed by default, then this is an upstream request though (and you probably want to have good reasons why to always display such a field). :)

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The technical problem is that story points are limited to Sprint projects (not to offer an extra field to all tasks by default), and when you are creating a task there is no way (today) to know whether it will end up in a Sprint project or not.

Maybe there is a technical way to recognize when Sprint projects are being associated to the task, and then add/remove the custom field on the fly depending on the projects being added/removed... but this doesn't look like a simple implementation at all. Because of the technical challenge but especially because this would imply modifying or patching locally Phabricator's behavior because of a custom field, and this is where I think the story ends. :/

Maybe if story points are embraced by default upstream one day...

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Wondering if upstream's new form customization will help here. Maybe not.