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Delete a namespace and replace it by the main namespace on ar.wikipedia
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It's my first task in Phabricator, so feel free to ask me questions if something is unclear.

The Arabic wikipedia community wants to delete a namespace used in Arabic wikipedia for annexes (the content is mainly lists) and to replace it in the main namespace (articles).
As an example :
the actual Arabic page for the article is called : ملحق:قائمة الدول

which means Annex:List of countries

what we want is an article called قائمة الدول which means list of countries

The problems that you may face :

  • Sometimes there is a redirect from list of countries to annex:list of countries, so you have to erase the existing redirect page
  • You have to avoid loosing the direct links to annex:list of countries. For example, in an article, [[Annex:List of countries|a lot of countries]] must become [[List of countries|a lot of countries]] and not a red link.
  • If the page [[list of countries]] already exists, we need to decide if we replace it by [[annex:list of countries]] or we merge them. So if the problem happens we may need a list to analyse them.

Community approval :
First part : in the policy pump village section

Second part : in the technical pump village section

Third part : Users reminded me in my discussion page to ask for the change

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I offer we do this in three steps:

  1. On ar.wikipedia, you create a bot to move the pages, and leave redirects if you want to avoid to break URLs.
  2. We then remove the namespace, a script is run to rename in the former namespace pages "X" into "X:ملحق" (so they keep the name, but are in (main)
  3. We offer a report so we can together see how to solve remaining issues, if any.

Hey Dereckson ! Thank you for taking this task. I asked our bot specialist (User:Elph) to participate in this discussion. Technically he can do the step one.

Hi all.
I am ready to do this

Thank you Elph,
We are waiting for your bot redirect. Tell me if there is an existing page in the main namespace. I can merge the content.

[ Reassigned task to bot operator. Feel free to reassign it to me when we're ready for step 2. ]

Elph found a problem in his task. The bot can't overwrite existing page which is our cas with redirect pages.

Example :
Total number of redirects to annex namespace : 8920 pages

@Elph @Helmoony Reverse a redirection, if there is only one revision doesn't require sysop right, but if there are several revisions, the bot has to be admin.

You also have to ensure the script can force (I reviewed the options and haven't see nothing about that) the target page replace.

You could get further assistance on this issue on Freenode #pywikipedia.

Hi all
the first step is done. now no article (list) in ns:104 expect redirects.

Thank you, we can now proceed with the config change (step 2).

@Krenair, may be @Dereckson is busy. Can you handle the step 2 ?

Change 233636 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Remove Annex namespace from arwiki

Change 233636 merged by Alex Monk:
Remove Annex namespace from arwiki