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[Migrated] Smarter Find & Replace skip with respect to minor replacements
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Currently there is a feature to "skip if only minor replacement made". However, this works in a narrow manner, in that if there's only minor replacements, but other changes, such as "general fixes" or typos, these other changes are not done. I want this: "skip if only minor replacement made ''and'' no other changes are made". This will allow me to do more comprehensive cleanups. @Stevietheman 11:42, 9 April 2015 (UTC)

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Stevietheman added a comment.EditedJul 22 2015, 4:29 PM

I am going to try and explain why this is needed for article cleanup.

Currently, for general cleanups, I have a significant number of additional cleanups I do via Find/Replace. Some of these are cosmetic (i.e., the reader can't tell the difference), so I check them off as "minor".

If I check "Skip if only minor replacements done", this applies only to my F&R replacements. This is all right in the sense that it does exactly what it purports to do.

But if I want to make other significant fixes, such as non-minor general fixes or typo fixes, and "skip if only minor replacements done" is checked, oftentimes those useful cleanups will be bypassed! And if I uncheck it, then I end up having to skip a lot of articles where the only changes are minor F&R's. I need a reasonable balance here so I can do all non-minor fixes without having to do a slew of skips to achieve it.

We need a solution something like I suggested in filing this.

The basic request is to have a new checkbox that says "skip if only minor replacement made AND no other (non-F&R) changes are accepted (based on other skip settings)". Reduce wording as necessary.

Alternatively, this could be handled by adding a "Skip if no accepted (based on other skip settings) Automatic changes (auto tag, general fixes, unicodify)". This could be combined with F&R with no minor replacement skipping to ensure that a significant fix is combined with any cosmetic change that could come from F&R.