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Bizarre results in Special:WhatLinksHere
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If you go toبحث_ویکی‌پدیا:صفحه_تمرین you will see a short piece of text, containing a link (generated by a template) toزبان_آلمانی (and no redirects are involved). It does NOT link toآلمانی

However, if you go toآلمانی you will find the original page (بحث ویکی‌پدیا:صفحه تمرین) as a linking page! Here is the proof:

It is very confusing as to why WhatLinksHere is listing a page that is NOT linking that page.

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One of the templates used on that page seems to use that link internally: (search for آلمانی)

I haven't investigated much since the RTL text makes it difficult for me to understand the syntax

I am sorry for the difficulty. I tried to replicate in a non-RTL language but wasn't successful.

As for the link, I'm afraid you are not correct. That template links to [[زبان آلمانی]] not to [[آلمانی]] but the WhatLinksHere counts pages containing it towards the latter rather than the former.

When #ifexists is involved, it sounds like T14019