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Create a Phabricator project for 'Partnerships'
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Could we create a project on Phabricator for "Partnerships". This is a new function within WMF, we are talking with a lot of organizations and uncovering a few interesting ways to partner. I would like to start tracking the types of inquiries that come in from discussions with potential partners. That will inform the product team on what some of these organizations are thinking and for us to help plan resources.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions,


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The SRE-Access-Requests is not the proper project for this. The process for requesting new projects is outlined on

So the missing item is this should be part of Project-Admins. As such, I've added that project and removed the ops flag(s).

Edit Addition: Ops actually doesn't handle this at all, but it is handled by the phabricator/bug-wrangling team. My push of this into the proper project should be all that is needed, as outlined on the page.

@RobH thank you for the help on this! Appreciated!

Please see for required data.
Also wondering how public tasks in this project will / should be.
Is there some wikipage that provides more information about "Partnerships"?

@SVentura, let's talk about this project request in our next meeting. It is not complicated, we just need to know what it is needed exactly. As @Aklapper says, explains what we need to create a project.

@Aklapper, sorry for the delayed reply, just seeing your comment now.
There is a Wiki page on Meta that was put up for the Intro of Kourosh
How public should that tasks be? As long as we are not disclosing details on legal terms or agreements and third party personal information (which we will not) I think anything else is open. Again, I will defer to Quim to set the parameter for the use of this area.

@Qgil : ok, let's do that . I was told (can't recall by who) that I should open a project of Fabricator to start 'capturing' some of the tasks around this project. The project is: World Bank Content Integration

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@SVentura: See for required data.

let's talk about this project request in our next meeting.

Has that happened?
As this seems to be something within WMF (if I understand correctly), I'd prefer a WMF prefix for that project name.

We might recycle this task in the direction of T101950. Let me finish my June duties and I will clarify this with Sylvia.

I'm declining this request because we still don't have a clear use case for it.