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Jan 21 2024

V0lkanic added a comment to T343104: Hashtags not reflecting new changes.

I added the #1Lib1Ref hashtag in multiple edits of mine for a competition that's currently taking place on the Czech Wikipedia, but my edits (with the first edit made on Jan 18) aren't showing up in the list. Apparently, I am not the only user whose edits aren't showing up as they should (see here). I was advised by Janbery to let you know.

Jan 21 2024, 12:36 PM · Moderator-Tools-Team, Hashtags

Jan 2 2024

V0lkanic awarded T354004: Grant `patrolmarks` to autopatrolled at Czech Wikipedia a Like token.
Jan 2 2024, 2:48 PM · User-Urbanecm, Wikimedia-Site-requests