RFC Meeting: Parser::getTargetLanguage / PageRecord (2015-11-11)

Hosted by daniel on Nov 11 2015, 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM.


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The timing seems inappropriate for most/all i18n people, I guess there will be a followup at reasonable day time to handle any i18n consideration?

@Nemo_bis: It's tricky to find a time that works for people in Europe, California, and Australia. What time would you propose?

Maybe, for a follow-up, we could do it without Tim, so we could start a bit earlier for Europeans. If Tim isn't interested, that is.

Daniel, thanks for moving ahead with this! Tomorrow is a U.S. holiday, so folks shouldn't expect a lot of participation from WMF's U.S.-based staff.

I'd like to set up a system where people aren't waiting for this one weekly scheduled event in order to have a scheduled discussion of their proposal. It would be nice to move to a model where there are a variety of organically-established meetings at times that work best for the participants, and then ArchCom weekly meetings could focus more exclusively on consensus establishing meetings.

I guess we forgot about today being a US holiday when we scheduled this. Too bad. I'll be there for the IRC discussion anyway, it's not going to hurt. But I suppose we will need another one later, then.

@RobLa: I'm not quite sure how to go about scheduling an out-of-band discussion for this. Do you think posting to wikitech-l is going to be enough to reach the relevant people? Using the RFC slot is convenient to generate exposure.

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[2015-11-11 15:03:54] <DanielK_WMDE> we'll talk about this again, i guess

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