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When deleting a local image, transcluded pages do not refresh to shared image when there is a redirect on shared.
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Take an image which is uploaded locally, say to A.jpg.
  • Upload a different image to the shared repository, say to B.jpg. Create a redirect on the shared repository from A.jpg to B.jpg.
  • Delete the local image.

All local pages which transclude A.jpg still point to the old image location, which is now a 404.

FWIW, I have encountered this problem frequently while deleting images on English Wikipedia which have been moved to a new file name on Commons. My current workaround is to use ?action=purge (which does work).

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To clarify, is this for thumbnails too, or just when full size is included, as thumbnail urls should not break if linked to the old url.

[obviously, even with that, this should be fixed]

@Bawolff I have exclusively noticed this for thumbnails. I don't know if it occurs for full URLs.

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I tested this just now and it works reliably. (I found this task while working on T238426, which describes a scenario almost opposite of this, and which doesn't work.)

I don't know why it was broken or when it was fixed. The code responsible for this hasn't changed substantially since 2008 (ae2b3bb9677e2a189f62032d038ce22b2826419a).