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Add all Release-Engineering team as Gerrit admins
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Gerrit is under Release-Engineering-Team team area of responsibilities. From the team, only Chad has access to it, we need all of us to be granted admin rights there. Would let us fix issues such as T100409: release tags vanished.

Our accounts:


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Change 214255 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
Add all Release-Engineering team as Gerrit admins

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@greg, can we get you to approve this as the manager of release engineering?

Some more discussion happening on . I have poked RelEng internal mailing list about it.

Change 214255 merged by Dzahn:
Add all Release-Engineering team as Gerrit admins

Has been brought up in ops meeting today. No concerns have been raised. (for non-root access shell to read logfiles per the comments on the gerrit patch).


This created the users on node "antimony" (which includes role gitblit and role subversion but no gerrit role). It did _not_ create the users on node "ytterbium" which actually has role gerrit::production.

That's kind of strange for a group called gerrit-admin?

hiera data:

role/common/gitblit.yaml: - gerrit-admin
role/common/gerrit/production.yaml: - gerrit-admin

it was just delayed somehow. now also on ytterbium:

Notice: /Stage[main]/Admin/Admin::Hashuser[hashar]/Admin::User[hashar]/User[hashar]/ensure: created

Notice: /Stage[main]/Admin/Admin::Hashuser[thcipriani]/Admin::User[thcipriani]/User[thcipriani]/ensure: created

Notice: /Stage[main]/Admin/Admin::Hashuser[dduvall]/Admin::User[dduvall]/User[dduvall]/ensure: created

Notice: /Stage[main]/Admin/Admin::Hashuser[twentyafterfour]/Admin::User[twentyafterfour]

Notice: /Stage[main]/Admin/Admin::Hashuser[zfilipin]/Admin::User[zfilipin]/Ssh::Userkey[zfilipin]/File[/etc/ssh/userkeys/zfilipin]/ensure: created

Notice: /Stage[main]/Admin/Admin::Groupmembers[gerrit-admin]/Exec[gerrit-admin_ensure_members]/returns: executed successfully

so this means shell on antimony and ytterbium. done.

I can log on both hosts. Thank you @Dzahn