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Upgrade Jenkins git related plugins
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Our Jenkins git plugins are aged and need to be updated. Last time I tried that screwed up a lot of jobs :-/

The status is:

Git Client1.4.6+wmf11.17.1

git client

The git client plugin had to be patched (T73533) because it could not reset submodules when using git 1.9 on Trusty ( ).

Apparently this is fixed upstream with: which was shipped with version 1.6.4

-        args.add("git reset");
-        if (hard) {
-            args.add("--hard");
-        }
+        args.add("git reset" + (hard ? " --hard" : ""));

Thus the whole command is passed as a single string.

git plugin

There was a lot of changes in version 2.x of the plugin and I am not sure how well JJB supports it.

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I have upgraded the git client from 1.4.6-wmf1 to 1.17.1 . mediawiki/core, puppet, pywikibot and VE jobs pass :-}

+ @zeljkofilipin we will do that during our 1/1 pairing on Monday

We have upgraded the git plugin from 1.5.0 to 2.3.5. Seems jobs are all happy about it :-]