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Weekly report for "Allow contributors to update their own details in tech metrics directly"
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Weekly Report can also be found here

Week 1: 25th May - 31st May

  • Created a minimal angularJS, bootatrap based interface to list user's information like username, organization, country, date etc.
  • Interfaced the techniques for user to update their information.
  • Github repo can be found here

Week 2: 1st Jun - 7th Jun

  • Added sign-in/sign-up page along with contributors account page.
  • Implemented search, to filter the contributors list
  • Github repo can be found here

Week 3: 8th Jun - 14th Jun

  • Setup Flask repo for rest api implementation
  • Created backend support for previously created templates
  • Implemented Ajax calls from angular templates to rest api.
  • Git repo can be found here

Week 4: 15th Jun - 21st Jun

  • Implemented method to list contributors information
  • Added prototypical implementation of sign-in for contributors
  • Added filter methods for list
  • Implemented method to list countries and organization's information

Week 5: 22nd Jun - 26th Jun

  • Implemented edit and delete features for contributors, organization and country list
  • Implemented add feature to country and organization

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@Sarvesh.onlyme, Lets keep the weekly reports in this task itself. Refer T101095.

June 18 today, and the last report covers until May 31. Sarvesh hasn't been active in Phabricator since June 2. Without reports or even a link to a repo, it is not possible to check whether he is working on this project. Are you having your weekly meetings?

@Qgil Sorry for not updating report. I will make sure I update it every week. And Daniel and I are having regular meetings on IRC, at least 2-3 time a week.

@Sarvesh.onlyme Last update in that repo was 8 days ago. Are you sure you're actively working on it?

@niharikaKohli, the repo you're talking about are templates. Presently I'm working on another repo

Thank you Sarvesh! Please update T60585: Allow contributors to update their own details in tech metrics directly including the links to these reports. This and your weekly reports will save you questions and misunderstandings not only with org admins like Niharika and me, also with whoever is interested in following and maybe contributing to this project.

Qgil triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 25 2015, 8:30 AM