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Implement Flow support in Pywikibot (Phase 1: Reading and Posting)
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The goal for this phase is to implement the most basic use cases for bots accessing Flow. This includes loading boards, topics, and posts; reading post content using wikitext; creating new topics on boards; and replying to existing posts. The plan for completing this task is:

  • Create classes for Boards, Topics, and Posts (T101146)
  • Allow users to retrieve UUIDs for those objects (T101146)
  • Make post content available in wikitext (T101260)
  • Load topics from a given Board (T101261)
  • Load the root post (title) of a Topic and retrieve post and topic replies (T101262 and T101263)
  • Create new topics on a Board (T105129)
  • Reply to existing posts using wikitext (T105439)
  • Add API calls to retrieve topic, topic list, and post data from the server; create new topics on boards; and reply to posts.
  • Write tests to ensure that UUID retrieval, content loading, topic creation, and replying to posts all work as designed.
  • Document code where necessary.

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