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Rename virt1000 to labcontrol1002, move to same subnet as labcontrol1001
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Change 219849 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew Bogott):
Rename virt1000 to labcontrol1002.

Physically moved the server to row/rack C7
Completed dns changes for labcontrol1002
Updated switch configuration and added new port to public1-c-eqiad vlan
Updated Racktables
Removed from old virt1000 from asw-a4-eqiad switch

Ready for install

thank you! I can do the install.

Change 219849 abandoned by Andrew Bogott:
Rename virt1000 to labcontrol1002.

Replaced by

Chris, I turn out to be stumped with partman and also to have trapped this box in some non-booting state where it tries to launch system services and then fails and hangs.

So, re-opening! If you have time/patience to get this box partitioned and Trusty installed I bet you'll be a lot faster at it than I am. If you're busy with other things then I'll have another go at it myself.


Up and puppetized and happy.

The disks were raided together. I delete the array and the install worked fine. I did not add certs.