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Spike: Errors while charging recurring GlobalCollect might be handled wrong
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I'm pretty sure that there are error modes in which the recurring charge fails, and CiviCRM records that it was successful, and vice-versa. These are both really bad.

See possible examples in T105041

Sorry, this is all I got for now. I thought there was already a card for this issue, but can't find it.

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One way to handle this might be to remove the 'RECURRING_CHARGE' transaction from the gc adapter, and have the Civi module make each of the do_payment / get_orderstatus / set_payment calls individually, updating the db record with the intermediate status. Then if we see charge that died in process, we can run another get_orderstatus to decide whether to retry.

Interesting! I'm not sure we're having granular fail like that, but it sounds much more correct.

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dropping this to normal since we haven't touched this task in a while. We should recheck this after the new integration.

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