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Migrate languages and ui links browser tests to JJB
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Several tests cannot be run with JJB without specific setup steps (config change and sql query). They are tagged @smoke but not @integration. Using the LocalSettings.php in tests/browser to do this.

7: @smoke
17: @smoke

11: @smoke

We should update the LocalSettings.php file in the browser tests directory to take care of the SQL query and licensing tests so that these run.

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WIP: Other tests that do not pass

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@phuedx @bmansurov @rmoen @Jdlrobson Are we going to be able to do this or should we just skip them?

It'd be nice to know what to do to clean up the blocked epic if we can.

We can now provide a custom configuration that gets included during the Jenkins build. I guess we can run a SQL query as well as setting configuration variables…

Change 235636 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
QA: Run language browser tests per commit

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Anyone have any ideas with how to get to pass? What am I doing wrong in the LocalSettings.php? There seems to be a permissioning issue... @dduvall @phuedx @bmansurov any ideas? I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

^ Might have worked it out. Fingers crossed.

So I renamed my LocalSettings and setup a new wiki using a new database qa.
I ran the tests locally and they did indeed fail the first time however I noticed that on navigating around the wiki the privacy link was visible on some pages. I'm thus assuming this is down to cached pages and have switched from testing against the main page to testing against a non-cached non-existence page. Fingers crossed and will pass.

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QA: Run language browser tests per commit

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This is a technical task. Also, Jenkins says "+2".