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Provide updated distributions of the custom templates
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Author: greg

I found this page, but it is not up to date:

Could you please make an updated tarball of the bugzilla template directory you are using and
upload it here with the older copies:

I have a mediawiki site and also run bugzilla ( and and I'd
like to make the sites look more thematic - I would of course also publicly share any updates or
changes I made to the templates. We have bugzilla 2.22 installed, so it may need to be updated.


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Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 21 2014, 9:35 PM
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Maybe you should use your own theme instead :)

greg wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

Maybe you should use your own theme instead :)

Not sure who you are...but thanks for the suggestion. I only asked because the old copies were
publically available. I think it looks really good and I think if it was available lots of websites
running bugzilla and looking for a wiki software would make the decision to use mediawiki, which is
what you guys want, I'm sure.

We need to upgrade bugzilla first :)

The bugzilla upgrade (bug 9427) is done.

greg wrote:

We've also updated our bugzilla to 3.0 - - and our mediawiki to 1.10.0 - . I'd still love to make our bugzilla look like mediawiki, so if you wouldn't mind sharing an updated version of your templates/modifications, we'd really appreciate it, and I'm sure others using mediawiki would too. Thanks!

Greg Swallow

See also bug 10711 '''Make customised BugZilla source available in Subversion'''

  • Bug 10711 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

tom wrote:

I am also interested in obtaining the Monobook skin and templates (and any other MediaWiki integration customizations) for Bugzilla 3.x. It would be great to have this so that we could offer a consistent look and feel at our site where we use MediaWiki and Bugzilla.

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Added bug 16777 as a dependency. I'm not sure why this is marked as 'shell' - it looks like you're asking for custom bugzilla stuff to be put in SVN, which doesn't require shell access. That should be clarified.

Assigning this to Trevor as he expressed some interest in porting updated Vector look to Bugzilla. :)

Ideally we'll want to do this in a way which minimizes HTML layout changes in the templates so it'll be easier to maintain than the old Monobook custom theme.

fvassard wrote:

Trevor: the barebone bugzilla is installed on
It is running against a dummy database until we are ready to go live.
Have fun, and let me know when the new template is ready!

[20:48:11] <Mike_lifeguard> pdhanda: will your skin be public? we will keep getting asked for it
[20:49:44] <aZaFred> Mike_lifeguard: already told her! so far it is in the private repo, but it will move to the public one soon-ish

pdhanda wrote:

Here you go:
And on the viewer:
Will keep it up to date with the bug fixes.

Shouldn't this maybe be in just bugzilla, and then maybe tagged or something? :)