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CAPTCHA for Wikimedia DC-hosted sites is not accessible
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Just now I have received an email noting that the CAPTCHA system used on (and presumably our other sites) is not accessible. Are there accessible CAPTCHAs that we can use?

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By accessible do you mean Accessibility /a11y things or it's just totally broken?

Accessibility as in Accessibility, or Section 508 compliance as we say around these parts.

That's T6845: CAPTCHA doesn't work for people with visual impairments for fancycaptcha. We can switch to a different captcha implementation though, our options are listed at

You mean the captcha at ? That's an old bug. You can ask them what are their expections (in case they have any difficulties with the current one), as well as offering to create them an account.

For a site like this (note that it's not wmf hosted), QuestyCaptcha should work quite well. You can ask obvious questions like "In which country will this be hosted?"

That will fail for a human spammer instructing their bots how to evade your wiki captcha, of course. But a small wiki has a low chance of getting that attention.

The expectation is that our website can be used by those with visual impairments. It is Wikimedia DC policy to "reasonably accommodate" those with disabilities.

As far as the specific CAPTCHA technology used, personally I am a fan of NoCaptcha, but I will defer to our server admins on the technology used, as long as it includes an alternative to visual authentication.