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Truly rename MediaWiki Developer Summit to Wikimedia Developer Summit
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This event seems to be referred to as MediaWiki Developer Summit due to legacy reasons. I largely agree with the renaming, but we need to actually make the rename if we're not going to confuse people trying to talk about this.

I just fixed the main page for this event, but I would like it to be more than just an informal happening. Could someone take on the task of actually making the rename?

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Looks like this was originally proposed in T104346.

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A couple of weeks ago the Engineering Community team discussed and confirmed that the event will be called Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016. Any different name needs to be fixed, yes.

I just found today that WMF's Google calendar has an invitation referring to it as "MediaWiki Developers Summit". I have renamed what I could, and I have asked Anna Lantz to fix the rest.

Related, let's also standardize the short name or tag of the event. What about


On having a short tag / abbreviation:


Either that (wait, where is the apostrophe thingy on my keyboard?).

Or something like WikiDev16.
Obviously it's generalized and broad (as wiki is a technology and Wikimedia a platform and MediaWiki only one technology implementation) and does not express it's a summit/conference.
But it's an abbreviation that is pronounceable compared to Doubleyou Em Dee Es, short (I don't really see myself spending time pronouncing Wikimedia Developer Summit), it somehow includes parts of the words Media`Wiki` and Wikimedia and Wikipedia that nobody can distinguish before having had four coffees, and if I used such a tag in a microblogging tweet potentially read by folks out there (if I only had followers), the term "Wiki" might give them a rough quick idea what it's about (compared to Doubleyou Em Dee Es).
Legal disclaimer: I haven't checked whether a conf with that name exists or if I have already registered that trademark in my past life.

#WikiDev16 is a better hashtag indeed.

Your search - "wikidev16" - did not match any documents.

I haven found any use of "WikiDev" that would be recent and/or related with an event either. This string has been used before, but in different contexts.

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WikiDev16 it is.

And with this, we can close this task.