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Provide standard interface for requestIdleCallback
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The requestIdleCallback standard is settling and already implemented by Chrome. It fills a gap for a very real need. One that is impossible to emulate.

However we can do a best-effort approach. Either way, we don't want every product/team to implement their own way of doing this so let's at least standardise an interface for it (somewhat similar to MediaWiki's DeferredUpdated::addUpdate(), except completely different).


Use cases:

  • Serialising the module store and writing to localStorage (MediaWiki core:
  • Sending a batch of client-side statsd metrics to statsv (WikimediaEvents: statsv.js)
  • Garbage collection for an application's old localStorage keys (CentralNotice: kvStore).


requestIdleCallback is impossible to polyfill due to the browser not exposing knowledge of internal queues for setTimeout, Promises resolution, event handlers etc. We can do a basic approach using setTimeout with a graceful period in-between each run and stop each iteration either when our own queue is empty, or if more than 50ms has past. (Since we can only measure the time after a task has run, perhaps limit at 40ms and run one more).

We'd implement a method (e.g. mw.requestIdleCallback) that will queue a task. When the queue is non-empty we'll periodically (e.g. every 4 seconds) run one or more tasks from the queue. (Though wait at least until after dom-ready and window-load).

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Change 247775 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle):
[WIP] Implement mw.requestIdleCallback for deferred background tasks

Change 247775 merged by jenkins-bot:
Implement mw.requestIdleCallback for deferred background tasks

Change 254326 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle):
Migrate doIdleWork() to standardised requestIdleCallback

Change 254326 merged by jenkins-bot:
kvStoreMaintenance: Refactor to use requestIdleCallback