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Document git-review -> arc mapping.
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It would be helpful to start a wiki page describing the mapping between git/git-review commands we're "used to", and the new arc way to do the same task. Probably arranged around use case. For example:

  1. Submitting a change
  2. Submitting a change which depends on another change (or, submitting more than one change at once)
  3. Amending a change (Downloading, editing, reupload)
  4. Creating a new branch
  5. Submitting a change to a particular branch (or, "cherrypicking to a release branch")
  6. Tagging a release

This might also help organize the work-to-be-done, as we can see which of these use cases currently have reasonable mechanisms with Arcanist, and which parts of our workflow can't (yet) be supported (or which require overly complicated workarounds).

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