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Add Points Of Interest (POIs) to the maps
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Per WikiVoyage discussion, we need to add some useful POIs to the map, without making it too overcrowded. Please expand/reduce this list as you see fit.


  • Bus stops
  • Subway stations
  • Ports/Airoports?

Other POIs

Decided not to do them just yet

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I would keep only transportation POIs. I don't think that museums and monuments are necessary because they are Wikivoyage POIs and thus added to the map by our own scripts.

Agree with Atsirlin that only transport POIs are really necessary. That includes bus stops, subway stations, train stations (and names), tram stops, ferries, etc.

Some are also arguing that parking should also be included, but I'd argue against that. Apart from the core of some cities, parking is generally plentiful By displaying the POl, we could be suggesting that these are the only places you can park. Absence of parking POIs could be interpreted as lack of parking.

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Transportation POIs are here: SF, NY, London, Japan

Added tams and ferries to the above pull request.

This was done a while ago, so closing.