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EPIC: Investigate adding aliases from Wikidata into the search index so that they can enhance the results and reduce the zero results rate
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According to T114867 this does not seem to be worth a try.

We should maybe look at another solution. Issuing a query against wikidata seems to be a better idea.
This feature is enabled on itwiki, this would cover the following use case :

  • query with an alias missing in the wiki index
  • query with a name in a different language
  • query with small transliteration variations

Problem with the current wikidata integration is that it's not optimal, results from wikidata should be integrated in a seamless manner into the search results. Moreover if the wikidata entity has a link to user wiki.
This involves :

  • UI design/work
  • maybe some backend work (performance considerations: I'm not sure that our cluster will support doubling the number of queries)

After having a look at how we index wikidata content it looks like it's not very optimal. Structured data seems to be flattened to the content field ( I've heard that the wikidata team plans to use cirrus prefixsearch for wbsearchentities. We could maybe start thinking on what could be a good mapping for wikidata docs?

I think this is related to T89733.

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The analysis performed in T114867: Evaluate the benefits of adding wikidata aliases to cirrus indices indicated that this avenue is not worth pursuing at present. Therefore, I am declining this epic. It can be reopened if we decide to pursue this in the future.