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Suppress redirects when moving js and css user pages
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Suppress redirects when moving .js and .css user pages or at least give the option to not leave redirects in place (to all users). This is necessary if I want to rename script(s) to better name(s) and to not poluate my userspace with useless redirects. Also some users chose to disable some script or prefences file by renaming it (without leaving redirect). But, after recently js/css pages began create redirects at rename this is not anymore possible.

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@XXN: Do you intend to propose this as an RfC (see project description; found one existing RfC that might be related but not clear from the task description here) or is this task "just" a normal MediaWiki feature request for MediaWiki-Redirects? Please clarify.

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If I'm understanding this, you want all users with move rights to have suppressredirect rights when it comes to moving their own js/css?