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[EPIC] Enable augmenting search results with wikidata aliases/descriptions and other data
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We need a mechanism to allow search results, on all platforms (API, desktop, etc.) to use page_props, wikidata aliases/descriptions, page images, etc. Right now some search modes allow it through generators/props mechanism, but this mechanism is available only through query API and not accessible to other search modes.

The mechanism should operate on the level of SearchResultSet/SearchResult API and be extensible via hooks or other configuration.

The mechanism should support batch operations on the full set of search results, to avoid repeated queries in case queries are necessary to obtain augmented data.

See discussion in

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Although @Smalyshev is actively working on a subtask of this (T117493), I put this in "Later" as it's a big, meaty task that will take quite some time to complete.

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